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Styling, Engineering, Detail Design and Patent for the Seabotix LBV;
A Revolutionary Underwater Remotely-Operated Vehicle

CLIENT: Seabotix, Inc. (Underwater ROVs and Accessories).

PROJECT DATES: 1999 ~ 2007

TASKS: Styling & Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Component Sourcing & Quoting,
  Molded Part Design, Fixture Design, Solidworks 3D Modeling and Rendering.

Consulting in all aspects of the mechanical design of the vehicle itself, I was one of the first investors and co-patent holder.
We pioneered the revolutionary idea that a thick printed circuit board (PCB) could be exposed to the water and
thus used as the distribution backbone of the vehicle; electronically tying together the pressure vessels and thrusters.
Inexpensive O-rings sealed the connecting ports directly onto the PCB; Eliminating many expensive connectors and cables.

Today, Seabotix employs over 30 people and is by far the fastest-growing ROV manufacturer.
These vehicles have become the best-selling underwater ROVs in the world. The vehicle was selected
as an illustrated 2006 case study for both SolidWorks & Cosmosworks CAD/CAE Software,
including their use in cover art for various Solidworks & Cosmosworks manuals of 2006 & 2007.
This ROV debuted in on the cover of 'Design News'.

By Jeff Krause; SoldWorks 3D Renderings & photos.