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Touch Screen Kiosk-Driven
Automated Storage & Retrieval System

S. G. Hauser & Assoc. (Hauser, Inc.)

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PROJECT DATES: 12/93-5 /94

Design Specifications for Client approval.
Mechanical Engineering and Detail-
Design of a 5 axis robotic system.
ASRS Chassis Mods & Assembly Design.
Component/Vendor Sourcing & Quoting.
Q.C., Assembly & Debug of all components.
3D Computer Modeling.

 The end-client fired their own first two
chief engineers. This left me alone to
engineer the mechanical robotics of
what is probably still the world's largest
(and most ambitious) touch-screen driven
large-item vending and rental system.

Per the original scheme, a commercial
ASRS was integrated with a custom 5-axis
robotic indexing and delivery system.

I designed & built a working 5-axis robotics
"breadboard" prototype for the system on
a tight schedule which culminated in the
integration of the breadboard into a mockup
enclosure to be displayed at a trade show.

The end-client could not integrate all of the
hdwr/sftwr with the breadboard in time for
that show; However we were able to
demonstrate functionality of the robotics.

David Weir headed up the design and
construction of the enclosure for Hauser
and the result was impressive.
(enclosure not shown).

Elite Engineering designed the electronics
& software used to control the on-board
PC-driven robotics subsystem.

Jeff Krause, 3D layouts, parts &
rendering of a generic rental case.