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Club CatTM Folding Electric Golf Bag Caddie

(A personal family venture)

Taiwan-based manufacturing coop.

PROJECT DATES: 5/85-8/88

Project co-management.
R&D Logistics.
Technical competitive analysis.
Industrial Design.
3D Computer Modeling (yes, 1986).
Detail Design, Testing & Debug of
3 prototype configurations.
Fabrication/assy of approx 40
pilot-production units.
Silk-Screen Graphics.
Shipping, Packaging,
- and Sales!

 Basically a two-man product development
venture to develop a design that would
eventually be produced overseas.
The unique front-drive design is superior to
competitors in climbing ability, bag access,
durability & compactness when folded.

As with KAMCO (in portfolio), I wore many
hats and learned a great deal. Some of these
pilot production units are still in use.

Photo of final prototype & CADD layouts.