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Coulter Automated Enzyme Sample Processor

S. G. Hauser & Assoc. (Hauser, Inc.)

Coulter Corp., Diagnostics Division

PROJECT DATES: 1/93-9/94

(Under the direction of Robert Reid,
P.E./MSME and CEO Steve Hauser).
Prototyping Logistics Management, Robotic Mechanism Engineering & Design
of ten very complex robotic modules. Chassis/Assy Detail Design for the system.
Component/Vendor Sourcing & Quoting. Q.C., Assembly & Debug Assistance.
3D Computer Modeling of the entire system.

 The "Sample Processor" was an engineering prototype designed to automate a complex
series of cytology preparation protocols. The system involves the computer-control of
13 stepper motors, 9 pneumatic actuators, a DC servo-driven centrifuge, 2 precision
temperature zones, a unique automatic magazine/loader for glass test tubes, an
on-board PC and over a dozen PLCs all integrated into a portable, rolling cart!

The client was pleased enough with our prototype that they had several more built
of virtually identical design.

Elite Engineering designed the electronics & software used to control the on-board
PC & PLC-driven robotic subsystems.

By Jeff Krause, 3D layouts, parts & photos.