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DOD TEC 8 Multi-Effects Guitar Processor

DOD - A division of Harman International


PROJECT DATES: 10/96-12/96

Industrial Design.
3D Computer Modeling.
Photo/Rendering Composite (Shown).
Logo Design.
GUI / Graphic Overlay Design.
Silk Screen Graphics.

 Only 3 months from concept to production!
The user interface was deemed a substantial
improvement by users; However the
interface is similar to previous designs.
Their impressions may also stem from the
overlay graphics, for which I used fonts
& colors designed to improve readability.
DOD Engineering Director Ron Swenson &
David Oviat headed up the small team that
produced a winning product in record time.

By Jeff Krause, The photo above is of a
mockup I constructed for a magazine ad.
I used a laminated ink jet print to simulate
the graphic overlay (control panel).
The "treaded" pedal and other details I
actually added later by rendering a "virtual"
pedal in 3D and retouching the original
photo with the "virtual" pedal and details.