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    Q: "What are your rates? - Can you fix bid instead of Time & Materials?"
    A: My rates are, well... not exactly stellar compared to what corporations are used to
    spending for out-of-house product development.
     I can provide preliminary estimates on most services based on an understanding of the
    generic type and sophistication of the product without being exposed to any specifics.
    You can easily use the link below to categorize the product and services you want estimated.
    These non-binding estimates could be revised as a formal quote after I have more detailed
    information on the project and the specific task(s) requested.
     My system is Time & Materials, but with an agreed cap on the total cost of the deliverables
    listed in each phase. If there is a change in the scope of work I will provide separate quotes
    for any additional or modified tasks. - I can fix bid however, if the task is relatively small.

    Q: "We are really just approaching the proposal stage with the product; But photo-realistic
    renderings would certainly give our proposal an eye-popping edge over the competition.
    What would it cost just for that? - And how soon could we get it?
    A: Product or concept renderings are the single most effective way to sell a concept.
    They are also ideal for showing vendors and fabricators exactly what you intend before
    they quote, which in my experience often results in lower quotes for their services.
    Keep in mind that renderings can also show any sections or exploded views you desire.
    See the Rendering intro page and my portfolio for many images that are not photos.
    Presentation materials are my investment in your venture.
    The success of your proposal may (often does) lead to additional work for me later on.
    For this reason I keep the cost for concept presentation materials as low as possible,
    and delivery will be ASAP so you can have it for your trade show or proposal deadline.
      You can request a free example quote using the highlighted link below. The form will
    ask generic, multiple-choice questions, so you do not have to worry about giving out
    proprietary information. I will usually respond within 2 days of the request.
    If your requirement is urgent, please call me immediately.
    Click Here for On-Line Example Quote Request
    All quoting is free and without obligation.
    (Example Quotes are non-binding and are for general reference only).
    Q: "What is your availability? Can you travel for project/design reviews?
    For a Status on my Current Availability and Schedule, Click Here
    A:  I am located on the central coast of California, only 2+ hrs from both
    Los Angeles and San Francisco. Orientation & design review meetings held
    at your facility will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    However electronic correspondence is effective for most of the services I offer;
    and will minimize your costs as well.
    Q: "Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?"
    A: Of course. I only request that you use only commercially-available forms.
    Q: "Where can we have economical prototypes made?
    A: I try to coordinate the best quality of services & resources that I
     know of at the time - as part of my service (I am not paid as a sales rep).

     I have a trusted selection of companies and professionals for:
    Prototype fabrication, Tooling design, Printing & Decorating,
    Components, Electronics & Software design, Overseas resources, etc.

     These resources have proven their quality and service to me in the past.
    Knowing their specialties, I can match them with the type of prototype required.
    Some products are simple enough that only one or two "protos" are needed.
    My typical role in physical prototypnig is to research vendors and processes,
    obtain quotes, present options and coordinate the building and finishing.
    Click Here for a description of prototyping & fabrication techniques.

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