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KAMCO Spool-Handling Machinery

Partnership. - Patrick McDuffie and Myself


PROJECT DATES: 7/82-4/86

Co-owner & General Manager.
Technical Competitive Analysis.
Mechanical Design Concepts.
Human Factors Analysis.
Detail Design of Prototype
& Production units.
Most Fabrication of Prototype
& Production Units.
Design of Brochures, Manuals,
Magazine Ads and Packaging.
Marketing and Sales, Customer Support.

The prototype originated from a need for
a low-cost insulated wire respooler for a
wiring harness business I worked for.
After that prototype, we built additional
units, accessories & other equipment
for sale to other companies.

The KMS-10 Respooler was simpler,
1/3rd less expensive and ergonomically
superior to the established competition.
Their design required the operator to guide
the fast-moving wire by hand and required
them to literally stand on one foot while
lifting & mounting 100 lb spools of wire!

Although insulated wire-related businesses
were booming in the early 80's, they later
saw a decline due to the more integrated
electronics of newer products.

As with CLUB CAT (in portfolio), I
wore many hats and learned more about
operating a small manufacturing business.

An ad we placed in Wire Tech magazine in 1985.