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WSI/Avenir Exercise Bike & Bicycle Helmet

Bartlett Design Assoc.
(See Edge in Favorite Resources)

Western States Importers (Avenir)

PROJECT DATES: Various dates in 1989

 Under the direction of Bill Bartlett:
Bike: Mechanical Design of the
chassis & various components.
Part drawings.

The exercise bike had an electronically
controlled hysteresis resistance force
and alternating handle bar and pedal
movement (fixed handle bar version shown).

Helmet: Created a digital database
reverse-engineered from mockups.

In 1989, no PC-based 3D CADD tools could
handle the shape of the helmet, so I had to
loft & project sections through the shape in
2D; Eventually resolving 3 views of sections
to describe it. A real mind-bending exercise!

Photos of hand-fabricated mockups designed
and built by Kevin Clay and Jim Hirsch.