Low-Cost ROV and Custom Protective Case Technology


Seabotix 'LBV' Low-cost Observation class ROV: 
(A low cost remotely-operated underwater vehicle)
The Personal ROV & Fun Tool for depths to 150m (450 ft) . 
Also available commercially for depths to 3,000m (9,000 ft)

Tether Management Systems, Grabber Arms, Fly-Out Systems 
& Tracking Systems are already available, and just about anything 
additional is possible, thanks to it's multiple External Accessory Ports, 
versatile Programming and powerful Thrusters on 3 separate axis.

It features 180-degree vertical camera(s) & light tilt (It can look 
over it's back (270-degree field of view) and underneath itself,

a feature only found on 'Low cost' ROVs that are 3~4 times its' price!

The four powerful thrusters on 3 axis (1 for vertical, 1 for Lateral, 
and 2 for forward/reverse/rotate) combined with the radical camera tilt 
makes the Seabotix LBV the world's most effective observation-class ROV.


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