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  JEFF KRAUSE (Santa Maria, CA) June/2010

Industrial Designer, Project Manager and Product Development Consultant with 25 years Professional Experience.

Product Development with true low-cost manufacturability in mind; Design from a manufacturing perspective.
Multi-industry Design Management, Project Management and Applications Engineering.
Tooling Programs Management, Experience-based Estimatiing of both NRE & Production Costs.
EVA Case Design (Pressure-Thermoformed Foam Composites for protection of handheld electronics).
Production Machinery Design, Medical Robotics, Remotely-Operated Vehicles, CNC Systems,
Injection Molded Part Design, Machined Part Design, Thermoformed Part and Mold Design.

Jeff helped engineer & style a revolutionary Underwater Remotely-Operated Vehicle (ROV),
the Seabotix LBV. Jeff was brought in as employee # 1 (a mech-design consultant) in 1999.
Jeff was co-Patent Holder of the First US patent for this vehicle.
Today Seabotix has over 50 employees and the vehicle Jeff helped design is now one
of the world's top-selling Underwater ROVs. - Seabotix profits grew 80% in 2006.
The vehicle is also an illustrated 2006 case study for Solidworks and Cosmosworks;
Appearing in Cover Art for various Solidworks & Cosmosworks Manuals of 2006 & 2007.
The first Production Vehicle was featured as the Cover article of ‘Design News' magazine.

A picture of Jeff with his comments on Industrial Design as a career were solicited by
textbook a writer and appears in the 2006 McGraw-Hill College Textbook: 'Marketing Essentials'.

Jeff recently designed a soft Thermoformed combination Case/Housing for Caire/Chart Industries that is ingeniously
structural enough that it actually REPLACES a large Injection-Molded housing for a Portable Oxygen device.
Jeff designed the tooling for this composite case/housing as well. The resulting tooling savings is at least $45,000.
The case/housing is softer, more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing than the previous hard I.M. housing.

A master EVA Case Designer, the advanced techniques and resulting cases Jeff created are unequaled in the industry.

  11 years of Daily SolidWorks experience. - Extensive organic modeling skills.
24 years AutoCad experience. - Jeff has been computer modeling in 3D since 1986.
Substantial GibbsCam, MasterCam & G-code (CAM) programming experience.
 Pro/Engineer experience and Certified SDRC Ideas training.
20 years Corel Draw /Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design, Presentation & Image Editing.
 Project Management software such as MS Excell, MS Project, Adobe Acrobat, etc.
Eight years daily working experience with manufacturing (MRP / BOM) programs.

Anthropometrics (Human Factors & Interfaces), Soft Thermoformed Composites, Robotics/CNC, Rapid Prototyping Machines,
Tribology, IC Engine Design, Technical Ceramic Manufacturing and applications,
Jeff runs his own Rapid Prototyping (FDM) machine and a 8,000 lb Vertical Machining Center at home as 'hobby tools'.
 Sailing (Lived-aboard 7 years), Motorcycling, Studying SBIR/STTR Grant Writing.

Security clearance held at Computer Sciences Corporation, while engaged in work
 on the B2 Stealth Bomber Telemetry Test Systems Contract (1988).
Jeff can be relied upon to pass drug tests at anytime. No Criminal Record, Current US Passport.


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