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Injection Mold Tooling Design Services


Tooling Design For Thermoplastic Injection Molds & Mold Bases.

Free Tool Design Quotes:
 Mail your drawings or Email your files for quotes usually delivered in
1~3 working days (depends on complexity and number of molds).
Soon to be available: FTP file transfer.
Part Evaluation Services:
Cost-reduction feedback from veteran tool designers and tool makers.

Production Evaluation Services:
Matching your volume and materials with the right tooling options.
Tooling Design Services:
 Rapid turnaround based on either hardcopy part drawings or files.
Files from CAD/CAE/CAID systems via IGES, ACIS, DXF or Pro/E.
3D Tooling files can be returned or forwarded to the tool maker in
Tooling Construction, Molding and Contract Manufacturing:
Several trusted tool making, molding and contract manufacturing
vendors, (including ISO 9000 certified), are part of our extended family.
Things that make you go Hmm...
 Maybe you have a tool designer, but he's not working on your project...
Please remember to call upon us as an extension your resources.

Good tool design starts with good part design.
" ...had a feeling the part might unnecissisarily complicate the tooling downstream,
but we felt we had to release it for tool design to meet our VIP client's schedule.....
...We missed the schedule anyway, because the tooling took a week longer."
 A fresh set of eyes evaluating the design, leading to a few hours of corrections
can be very inexpensive, considering the potential savings. Our eyes have
extensive knowledge of part/mold design, molding and manufacturing operations.
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