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Product Development Consulting & Services

The design phase is commonly less than 5 percent of the cost of moving a product to market.
Yet it will determine about 80 percent of the tooling and unit cost of producing that product.

Concept Development & Special Research
Prior Art Research & Competitive Technical Analysis.
Manufacturability Analysis & Material Selection Research.
Preliminary Estimating of Development & Production Cost.
Quoting & Special Research for Materials, Processes and Vendors.
Industrial Design & Styling for Your Market/Volume Requirements.
Product Visualization & Proposal Materials
Technical Writing for Proposals & Product Manuals.
Product Renderings & Photo-realistic Product Animations.
Presentation Materials & Technical Ad Imagery.

Product Detail Design & Virtual Prototyping
Optimization of Component Configuration (3D Packaging Study).
Virtual Prototyping & Computer Simulation to Verify Design Intent.
User Interface Optimization & Preliminary Human Factors.
Detail Design Via SolidWorksTM, I-IDEASTM, Pro/EngineerTM or AutocadTM.
Plastic/Molded Part Design Solutions to Reduce Tooling & Unit Cost.
Special Mechanism Design, Medical/Commercial Automation & Robotics.
Illumination Design & Simulation (Diffuse) LCD Back-lights & Light Pipes.
Product Decorating Application Assistance, Artwork & Part Fixtures.
Tooling Design
For Thermoplastic Injection Molds & Mold Bases.
Extended Services
Advanced Human Factors for Military, Aerospace and Automotive Applications.
Unique Low-Cost Tooling Solutions for Small-Volume Production.
Design & Fabrication of Special Architectural, Industrial & Civil Exhibits.
Medical Product Engineering for Disposable, Surgical & Clinical Applications.
Electronic Hardware & Software Design.
Rapid Prototypes, Appearance Models & Working Prototypes.
Injection Mold Tooling Fabrication & Injection Molding.
Contract Manufacturing (QA, Molding, 2nd Ops, Assembly & QC).
Trademarking Assistance.
SOLIDWORKS TM is a registered trademark of Solid Works Corp.
I-IDEAS TM is a registered trademark of Structural Dynamics Research Corp.
PRO/ENGINEER TM is a registered trademark of Parametric Technology Corp.
AUTOCADTM is a registered trademark of Autodesk Corp.

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