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Product Development
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16 years in the industry,
10 as a full-time consultant

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An intro page to product
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Soft Cases and Semi-Rigid Protective Cases:
John Chase, VP - Foarm, Inc. (Santa Barbara, CA)
OEM designer/manufacturer of custom thermoformed foam/textile cases
for all knids of products from sunglasses to laptops to heart defibrillators.
Specializing in protection that allows electronic equipment to be operated while in the case.

Advanced Human Factors Engineering and Product Development:
Bill Bartlett, Edge - Human Factors Division:
Workstations, Cars. Vans, Buses, Aircraft and even Main Battle Tanks!
When your project is Human Factors/Ergonomics intensive, look no further.

Special Architecture, Industrial & Civil Exhibits: Go to Web Site
Dan Williams, WilliamsWorks: (Laverne, CA,) (909)-392-9573
Special Architectural Industrial Design & Fabrication.
From "Structural Art" to "Buildings-as-Art", Dan can bring it all together.

Medical Product Engineering:
Robert Reid, P.E./MSME Reid Product Development (Los Angeles, CA)
(310)-390-1573 When your product is in a demanding Surgical,
Disposable, Clinical or other critical application, you need the best
medical/plastics engineer around, and that is Bob Reid.

Prototype Design & Product Development:
Jim Hirsh, Desmar Product Development (Santa Barbara, CA)
(805)-966-6160 Product Development, Engineering, Mockups,
 and highly-finished working Prototypes.

Trademark Assistance:
Trademark Now! (Various locations, CA) (714)-524-3500
Trademark search and filing services. Also business & corporate law services.

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trademark of Parametric Technology Corp.

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